Find The Best Insurance Deal

Whenever you are considering your assets or your future then you need to consider what could happen in the worst case scenario. Your home, your car or your business are all vitally important if you are to maintain the standard of living that you have become accustomed to. Furthermore, you may wish to safeguard the financial future of your loved ones by taking out life insurance.

There are many different types of insurance that are available for the forward-thinking individual to purchase nowadays. There are many insurance products that are a legal requirement, such as car insurance if you are a driver or adequate buildings and contents insurance if you take out a mortgage. In addition, there are a number of other optional products available, such as pet insurance, insurance for expensive electronic devices (such as iPads, smart phones etc) and even insurance for some sporting activities (such as winter sport or golf) that the policyholder may wish to cover themselves for (ppi claims).

As such, insurance plays an important dual role for policyholders; it allows them to use and enjoy the things they love, such as their favourite sport, their expensive smartphone or tablet or driving their car, safe in the knowledge that if something happens they will be covered. Secondly, it provides great peace of mind knowing that the things in life that are most important to you financially, physically or emotionally are also protected.

As society becomes ever more litigious, the importance for having adequate insurance for any number of different facets of life has never been greater. Recently in the U.K. a golfer was taken to court by a workman who was hit in the eye by a golf ball they hit and without having any insurance, this unfortunate individual now faces a compensation claim of £50,000, plus all assorted legal costs.

Therefore it is vital that we protect ourselves whenever we can with insurance, but allied to that is the fact that in order for it to be workable for us, it also has to be cost-effective. In the current financial climate, few families or individuals have much spare cash at the end of each month which they can easily afford to lose. Therefore, ensuring you get value for money on your insurance packages is not just important in securing the right cover, but also at a right and fair price. However, while insuring your home and contents (and your car!) is obviously crucial, don’t forget about mobile phone insurance, especially if you have a high-end iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

And here’s how to do it.

1. Identify the type of cover you need.

There are many different types of insurance products but the same process for procuring the best deal for you can be followed regardless of which type of insurance product you are looking to buy.

What we mean when we say identify the type of cover is not about whether it is home insurance, car insurance or holiday insurance that you need, but the specific details of the cover you would require.

For example, if you were searching for home insurance, how much would rebuilding your home cost? How valuable are the contents, do you have at home any very expensive individual items (such as antiques or jewellery) that may impact the cost of the policy?

Once you have clearly outlined the specific type of cover you need then you can begin the process of finding the right price, for the right cover(professional translation).

2. What are you paying currently for the cover, or what is a ball park figure your insurance company can give you?

If you already have cover, then periodically reviewing it is always a great idea as even just switching policies to a new provider can save you money each month. If you are looking for a new insurance then take a quick look at the cost of a policy with a provider you have used in the past.

This gives you a rough “ball park” figure which you can then use to compare other prices with.

3. Enter the information on reputable price comparison sites

The next stage of the process is to head to a reputable price comparison site and enter the details of the insurance cover you need. These sites are a boon for the insurance-savvy individual as they complete all the legwork for you, searching through hundreds of providers and thousands of individual policies to find you the best deals.

Once you have entered your information and have your list of potential insurance products, it is worth investigating the first three to five policies that offer the cheapest price. Do take a close look at what they offer. For example, if you have one company offering contents insurance of £25,000 for £30 a month and another offering contents insurance of up to £50,000 for £31 a month, that extra £1 of cover gets you double the amount of cover for your contents.

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Note down the key details of each policy before moving onto the next step.

4. Send an email or ring companies not included on price comparison sites to check their offers.

Several big companies do not include their policy details on price comparison sites, so if you want to be thorough, you can contact these companies individually to see what their best price is. This involves sending an email, or more speedily, a phone call, but will allow you to note down the details of offers you did not receive on the price comparison site for you to compare against the others

5. Match up the best policy you need with the best price.

Is it then a case of simply choosing the cheapest policy? Well no, you need to compare the details of the policies you are considering with your individual needs and weigh up whether the extra cost of policies that may have extra cover, are worth it.

For example, if you are looking for car insurance, you may find adequate cover for £50 a month, however if you are utterly reliant on your car for work and another company offers cover, with a free courtesy car for £55 a month, you may well be better advised opting for this package instead.

Remember, the cheapest insurance is not necessarily the best; only by comparing the details of each policy can you be sure of finding not just the best deal for insurance, but the ideal insurance to match your needs and wants.